January 19, 2018

At A Glance

The Vega Settlement Group is a full-service consulting firm that offers clients comprehensive financial planning including the design of custom Structured Settlements for cases involving workers’ compensation, physical injury, medical malpractice and those involving minors. With over 15 years of  experience in the financial industry, we work with attorneys and clients in California in order to construct portfolios and Structured Settlements for individuals who expect to receive a settlement from their case. At Vega Settlement Group, we are committed to providing you with access to the most suitable structure possible, and other financial products, to address your financial needs. Paul R. Vega, CA Insurance Lic. # 0C92411 has placed over $250 million in annuity products, stocks, mutual funds, U.S. Government Bonds and CA Municipal Bonds throughout his financial consulting career.

Our consultants are here to provide you with support throughout the course of the settlement, as we know it can become a tedious process. Settling a case can be very complex and so we make it our priority to advise you throughout all phases of negotiations, mediations, settlement meetings and court hearings.

The process in structuring your settlement would begin with a series of questions to better understand your future financial needs. The more we are able to understand about your projected income needs and expenses, the better job we can do in assisting you with the design of an ideal structure that would ensure:

  • Sufficient cash to cover immediate medical, or nonmedical, expenses along with attorney fees.
  • Initial liquidity in the case of an emergency.
  • Tax-free periodic payments to provide income to the injured party.